Mendocino County Ham Radio Nets

If you’re new to ham radio in the Mendocino area, there are several weekly VHF amateur radio networks that are worthwhile. Most (but not all) of the nets are held each Wednesday evening. There are local city-area nets followed by a county-wide linked-repeater net at 7:30PM. That’s followed by a county-wide simplex net, Walking Repeaters, at around 8:00PM.

The up-to-date list of Mendocino area nets can be found at McARCS Net Page.

WARS – Willits Amateur Radio Society – May 2013 Meeting

2013/05/09 1 comment

WARS  (Willits Amateur Radio Society)  will hold a meeting on:

Saturday May 18,  at 1130  am,  at The Old Mission Pizza in south Willits.

The club will buy the pizza. You buy your own drink(s).

We will talk about what we have been doing, and a few of the things we plan to do.  We will take ideas of things to do that members are interested in.

Lake County hams have some upcoming events and we will pass the word about them as soon as we get additional information.
In the meantime, besides this e-mail, check into the local Willits simplex net  146.445  at seven pm on Wednesday nights.  Also the county wide net on 147.390  plus offset with a PL of 103.5.  This is on Wednesday nights also at seven thirty pm.  Also for information, there is the Walking Repeater net, about eight pm Wednesday nights.  This is on 145.555 simplex.

Pass the word to other hams you think might be interested in attending.

TNX   Len  WA6KLK   CEO  WARS 2013

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KI6MJC joins MendoRadio

2013/05/09 1 comment

Marcella, KI6MJC, has joined the MendoRadio team to provide local ham radio announcements and info updates. Welcome aboard Marcella! It’s good to have another local content contributor on the site, and I know you’ll have quite a few postings to add! We look forward to it.

To anyone else: If you have relevant content to contribute, please let us know. Post a reply to any of our articles, and we can add you as an author or contributor.

March 9th – Willits Amateur Radio Society (WARS) Seminar

WARS  Willits Amateur Radio Society  will host a seminar on saturday March 9 at the Mormon Church in south Willits.  It will start at 10:00 and will last about four hours.  This will be for new and not so new hams, or anyone interested in amateur radio.

Tim  WB9NJs will host and moderate.  The subjects will be announced shortly, but an ARRL represenative is scheduled to be there also to talk about ARRL.    Cookies, juicies, and water will be available.  NO tobacco or coffee please.  No charge is made for this but a small donation would be appreciated to help cover costs.  In the fall a seminair will be held that will be for all folks again, but pointed more at the general class.

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Reminder: WARS meeting Nov 24 at Old Mission Pizza

WARS meets this Saturday, 11.24, at 11:30 a.m., Old Mission Pizza, South end of Willits.

Carl, KB6ZST, and George, K7WWA, will present short antenna programs/info.

We need to have elections of new Officers for 2013.

Hope to see you there,

73, Jim

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MCARCS and WARS Holiday Dinner 2012

2012/11/15 1 comment

Calling all Mendo-Lake Hams!

The Mendocino County Amateur Radio Communication Service (MCARCS) and Willits Amateur Radio Society (WARS) annual Ham Radio Holiday Dinner is just around the corner.

You don’t have to be a member of either club to attend, as this dinner is open to all hams in the Mendo, Lake, Somona, and southern Humboldt counties.

This year’s dinner will be held at the Broiler Steakhouse in Redwood Valley on Friday December 14th.

Happy hour (no host bar) starts at 6:00 PM, with dinner seating at 7:00 PM. The price this year is $30 per meal, all-inclusive.


Tim – WB9NJS
Sharon Sue – KE6YKY


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St Patricks Day lunch

WARS (Willits Amateur Radio Society) had a social lunch today March 16, 2012. it was at the annual St Patricks Day feed at the Willits Senior Center.  There were 24 folks in attendance with them coming from Ukiah, Calpella, Willits, Brooktrails, Laytonville, Ft Bragg, and Cleone.  Lots of food and lots of talk.  A good time was had by all at this event.  Glad to see everyone there. 

Hope to see you at the next WARS event, a four hour session April 21 being set up as an Elmering session for ALL hams, regardless of time licensed.  Please come to this great session.  More information on the weekly local, county wide, and Walking Repeaters nets.

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