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Antenna Range Information

An interesting article about how an antenna range works and how to set up a small range.  Interesting reading and a short article.  It speaks mainly to the microwave frequencies, but the analogy is there for vhf/uhf work.  I am sure that other articles are out there for vhf/uhf information.


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  1. Steve Turner KJ6EIF
    2010/09/17 at 1:00 PM

    This article was interesting even though I don’t use the bands mentioned. It reminded me of an “Antenna Shootout” I read about between HF pedestrian portable antennas. So I Googled “Antenna Shootout” and found a very interesting article about the difficulty in comparing mobile antennas in a “shoot out” situation. The focus was on the factors that influence the mobile antenna “system” performance, not gain. It carefully reviewed the multiple factors that interact, those that are measurable and those that are not. The bottom line was achieving system performance, not just looking at an isolated number like “gain” for an antenna in a catalogue that’s not even connected to the mobile vehicle.

    Next I want to read the referenced “performance” article. I think it will help me with my fixed antennas as well.

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