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Addicted to PSK31?

Some folks told me PSK31 can get addictive… and now I’m beginning to believe that.

It’s kind of like CW, without the code, times 10. Why? Because often, on 20M (14070), you’ll hear 10 or more stations all within the 2.8KHz passband of your receiver.

Most of the QSO’s are short and to the point, just like CW. RST, QTH, name, and maybe a bit about the rig, power, and antenna. Of course, you can rag chew if you want.

Plus, many of the stations are great DX at low power. Using 30 watts, I’ve worked QSOs across the USA, but also in Russia, Italy, various pacific islands… and I’m still really new to it.

If you’re interested in this mode, I encourage you to give it a try.  My main advice is to remind you to keep the power down… because strong stations kick in everyone’s AGC, making it difficult to copy weak stations in the same passband of the receiver.

I hope to see you on PSK31. 73 -Carl KB6ZST

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