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Diving Back In

It’s 4AM, and as is often the case these days, I lie in bed wide awake… my thoughts returning to EM wave theory, my little obsession.

This morning in particular I ponder how I ended up in this state of mind. My memories drift back to the days of building a small 20 watt ham transmitter for my fifth grade science fair project, but that was not the beginning either. Perhaps plugging the rabbit ears into an electrical outlet at the age of four damaged my brain more than was evident. The memory is clearly etched, the antenna in my hands as if it were yesterday, just like discovering those razor blades on my dad’s bathroom sink at that same age.

In order to type this blog without waking Cindy, I’ve snuck down to the ham shack in the basement. Of course, if you’re going to be in the radio room, you are obliged to flip on the HF rig, and it comes up on 7.000 MHz, as it always does because I’ve yet to solder in a new battery to keep its memories stored.

Unless something similar happens for you, you may not realize that 7.000 MHz is full of multiple overlapping signals, voices of people worldwide generating a cacophony of sounds and songs, nothing logical — quite like the old haydays of CB when skip was in. I often wonder if what I’m hearing are odd intermodulation results from SW broadcasters, or just dozens of people who found HF radios in their basements and aren’t quite sure how they work or what to do with them.

When I started this blog, I promised myself that I’d dive into the theory a bit more… which is one of my secret agendas for doing this site in the first place. But, here I am several months later, and I’ve barely scratched the surface.

For many of you electromagnetic theory may seem dull or boring, a subject best left to nutty physicists who have nothing better to do with their time. However, the topic is a lot more interesting than it seems and doesn’t necessarily require that you brush up on your differential calculus. It can be as fun and entertaining as stringing up new antennas, tweaking with your antenna tuner, fooling with your IF bandwidth, DXing some remote island, or messing around with new digital modes.

So, it’s time to dive in, go a little deeper, and maybe even have some fun.

And, of course as always, you are invited to join the discussion, to whatever level or degree that interests you.

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