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ZZ Wave Net, an Interesting Antenna

Yesterday, I finally got on 40M PSK31. That happened because on Saturday I finally tuned my 40/80M dipole down to the lower end of those bands (removed the tuner, yeah)… and also because Len, WA6KLK, was so kind to offer me a Rigblaster (for a decent price.) So, I no longer had to fiddle around with 600 ohm transformers and resisters to balance out the AC hum creeping into my various digi modes. Optical isolation is so much cleaner.

Anyway, one of my first contacts was Mike, VE6VIS, in Glenevis, Alberta Canada.  We got to talking about antennas, and he told me about his ZZ Wave Net, quite an interesting antenna design.  It’s a loop antenna with a cool geometry. It looks like something that might take off and fly. Mike says it puts out a good signal (which I can confirm that from the solid PSK QSO that lasted much longer than I thought in fluttery/fading band conditions.)

As you know (or may not) some of us have been discussing what kind of antenna to build next. I mentioned the TTFD and K9AY in my earlier blogs, and I’ve also been looking closely at the double extended zepp recently proposed by Steve, Ki6EIF. (And if it hadn’t been for the sudden appearance of the rigblaster yesterday and difficulty in measuring the capacitance of a 2 inch piece of coax, I would now have one on the air for 10M.)

But, Mike’s ZZ Wave Net loop definitely looks like a fun antenna to try out. He told me he was originally inspired by those bow-tie UHF TV antennas which are very boad-banded (see further down his page for the ZZ BowTie which is 1:1 across the 20M band.) And, it just so happens I’ve been thinking about building one of those for some of the higher ham bands… mainly due to the ease of construction, low cost, and wide bandpass.

So many antennas… so little time.

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