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WARS November Meeting and Seminar

Yesterday the Willits Amateur Radio Society (WARS) hosted another meeting and seminar in Willits. Many thanks to Len Gwinn, WA6KLK for putting this together once again.

Several topics were presented:

  • Brian, K6FTY, was not able to make it due to a last minute hydroelectric power plant obligation, but Len described Brian’s radio setup, and his success at getting a signal out from the remote mountainous terrain of Trinity County. We’re hoping Brian will be able to attend the next meeting.
  • Bill Hillendahl, KH6GJV, the San Francisco ARRL Section Manager, gave us an update on news and related topics. This included the status on legal cases involving topics like neighborhood CCRs being challenged for exterior antennas, tower configurations, and even describing a “ride along” with the FCC for hunting down an “open mic” signal on a Northern California repeater.
  • Tim, WB9NJS, made a very interesting presentation about mountain signal propagation and showed maps of signal paths and elevation profiles between various stations he has contacted. This all came about when he got his new VHF Yagi operational and discovered that the direct path to other stations wasn’t always the best. Propagation was often made possible along non-line-of-site paths by knife edge diffraction and reflections over and between mountain peaks. (We’re hoping to add a short article about it to MendoRadio soon.)
  • WARS officers were elected for 2011. Jim Cline, W6JRC, stepped up as the next CEO, and many thanks again to Len Gwinn for revitalizing and reorganizing WARS over the last couple years. The meetings/seminars, pizza gatherings, St. Patrick’s day lunch, and picnics have been appreciated by all of us Mendocino hams.
  1. Wayne
    2012/12/02 at 9:49 PM

    I am back active on ham radio and sure would like to hear from Len, WA6KLK

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