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Ham Club Meetings for Feb 2012

MCARCS – Feb 2, 2012

  • Where: Round Table Pizza, Ukiah (downtown)
  • When: Thursday, Feb 2, 5:30PM
  • Who: Guest speaker Dan Grebil, WD6FKJ, Chief of Ukiah Valley Fire, will cover the county-wide communications system — how it’s used and how it works.
  • Also: Upcoming community events and recruiting for March licensing course and test.
  • Food: Pizza by the slice ($2 each)

WARS – Feb 11, 2012

  • Where: Old Mission Pizza, Willits (near Ray’s market)
  • When: Saturday, Feb 11, 11:00AM
  • What: Ham radio equipment, then and now. Bring your old tube gear or cool new gear, photos, and favorite memories.
  • Also: There will be a raffle prize, $1 per ticket.
  • Food: Pizza provided (contributions welcome, put them in the jar)
  1. Jeff
    2012/03/01 at 11:35 AM


    I’m putting on a bike race in Boonville this coming July and am looking for radio support. I am an operator of 12 years, KF6ZLP, and know this community could be a great help to the event. I have no had success finding email addresses for local amateur’s however, can you help?


    • 2012/03/01 at 4:55 PM

      Yes, the ham community participates in these types of events often. I’ll make sure they see your comment and get in touch.

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