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WARS Techincal Seminar – October 24th

WARS will be presenting a seminar at the LDS Church in Willits starting at 10:00am till about 2:00pm, October 24, 2015. Topics covered will be more in depth answers that have been brought up on the new Technical Net on Countwide Tuesdays @ 7pm. All HAMs are welcome to attend.

Installing a tower (an uplifting experience) includes a discussion about Don KJ6ZVR & Joyce KJ6ZVS’ experience and a review of tower safety procedures and equipment

DC power connectors – a discussion of options, with a focus on Anderson power poles. As part of this, Mike KC6MGM will provide AND install power pole connectors on radios or power cables brought to the meeting.

RF connectors discussion of types of connectors available and how to choose the right connector for the job. To include hands-on demonstration of how to install common connectors.

Local VHF bounce paths an update on some unusual ways to get your signal around to different parts of the county

A discussion of back up power requirements: learning how to figure out what is needed to power your rig during a power outage.

If time permits, perhaps a segment on basic antenna and feedline measurements.

Contact Tim WB9NJS with any questions you’d like addressed or better yet ask your question on the Countywide Tech Net Tuesday night at 7pm so that everyone can benefit from the discussion.

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