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Resuming the MendoRadio blog

It’s been a busy 2011. I’ve taken a year off from the ham radio hobby to attend to other matters. Sorry about that. I know the Mendocino and Lake ham communities enjoy having an up-to-date site for current information, local activities, projects, meetings, ideas, etc. So, it’s time to resume MendoRadio. I’ll set aside some time on weekends, and it really doesn’t take that much to keep it updated.

I want to remind everyone that this is a joint effort of several hams, and you’re all invited to join us. If you would like to make announcements, write a short article on a relevant topic, post some notes about your antenna/radio/contacts, provide links to interesting amateur radio websites, and generally participate on-line, then we welcome your participation!

Also, if you run one of the local ham clubs (or represent them in some way) feel free to post related notices on this website.

How to post to this site:  It’s as easy as typing into most text editors. You don’t need to know anything about HTML. Create a WordPress account (see the right column), then contact us or post a message here, and we can add you as a contributor. If you’re posting often and want more capabilities, just let us know and we can upgrade your account to “author” status. That will let you directly post new articles and edit existing articles.

73, -Carl KB6ZST


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User Permissions

I should mention that we’re still becoming familiar with some of the features of WordPress. Yesterday, we noticed that MendoRadio users could create new articles, but did not have the capability to publish them. Whoops!

That was an oversight on my part, and it’s now been fixed. The intention of this site is to allow all local hams to participate and share information. All current MendoRadio users now have authoring privileges and should be able to publish new articles. Please let me know if there are any problems (just add a comment to this article.) -Carl, KB6ZST

A Note on Postings

Just a small reminder: when you write a new post for this page, or change an existing post, be sure to click on the blue Publish button (also called Update when changing a post). Otherwise, your posting will just sit there pending as a draft.

The WordPress editing form has quite a few buttons and links… too many IMO… making it a bit confusing.  You can ignore all of them, except the blue button. That one you need to click on. Then, click on the View Post button to see your new posting.

If you spot an error in your article, you can always go back and edit it from the view pages or the main page of the MendoRadio site.

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