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Kila the Magic Husky’s Ham Radio College

2016/01/31 Leave a comment


What?….Ham Radio Radio show on KPFZ 88.1 FM beginning Feb 15 at 1pm

Who? ….Kila the Magic Husky’s Ham Radio College, with her trusty sidekick, Ben WB5QAL.

Where? ….Radio Show on KPFZ 88.1 FM Listener Supported Broadcast Radio

When?….Every Monday afternoon from 1pm till 2pm, beginning February 15, 2016

Why?…. Because people need to really know the material, not just study exam questions.

Listen to a live link here

I intend to have guests and anecdotes and amusements from 1:00pm till 1:30pm then from 1:30pm until 2:00pm every Monday I will teach:

A refresher on the Metric System

The Electromagnetic Spectrum



Radio Theory

Antenna & Transmission Line Theory

Wave Propagation Theory and the Ionosphere

International Radio Law and FCC Part 97 Rules and Regulations




LCARS Operations Day

2014/04/09 Leave a comment


Do you want to learn about Ham Radio? Have questions?

Having issues with your ham radio?

We have the answers!

Bring your radio and the manual for it and we will have the people there to help you!

Lake County Amateur Radio Society Operations Day May 3, 2014 10:00 am to 3:00 Location: Lucerne Community Church in the Fellowship Hall 5870 East Highway 20 in Lucerne, CA 95458

All levels of Ham Radio Operators are welcome! Licensed or not!

For further information, contact Kristine (KI6YYW) via e-mail �

Mendocino County Ham Radio Nets

If you’re new to ham radio in the Mendocino area, there are several weekly VHF amateur radio networks that are worthwhile. Most (but not all) of the nets are held each Wednesday evening. There are local city-area nets followed by a county-wide linked-repeater net at 7:30PM. That’s followed by a county-wide simplex net, Walking Repeaters, at around 8:00PM.

The up-to-date list of Mendocino area nets can be found at McARCS Net Page.

KI6MJC joins MendoRadio

2013/05/09 1 comment

Marcella, KI6MJC, has joined the MendoRadio team to provide local ham radio announcements and info updates. Welcome aboard Marcella! It’s good to have another local content contributor on the site, and I know you’ll have quite a few postings to add! We look forward to it.

To anyone else: If you have relevant content to contribute, please let us know. Post a reply to any of our articles, and we can add you as an author or contributor.

Ham Club Meetings for Feb 2012

2012/01/29 2 comments

MCARCS – Feb 2, 2012

  • Where: Round Table Pizza, Ukiah (downtown)
  • When: Thursday, Feb 2, 5:30PM
  • Who: Guest speaker Dan Grebil, WD6FKJ, Chief of Ukiah Valley Fire, will cover the county-wide communications system — how it’s used and how it works.
  • Also: Upcoming community events and recruiting for March licensing course and test.
  • Food: Pizza by the slice ($2 each)

WARS – Feb 11, 2012

  • Where: Old Mission Pizza, Willits (near Ray’s market)
  • When: Saturday, Feb 11, 11:00AM
  • What: Ham radio equipment, then and now. Bring your old tube gear or cool new gear, photos, and favorite memories.
  • Also: There will be a raffle prize, $1 per ticket.
  • Food: Pizza provided (contributions welcome, put them in the jar)

WARS November Meeting and Seminar

2011/11/20 1 comment

Yesterday the Willits Amateur Radio Society (WARS) hosted another meeting and seminar in Willits. Many thanks to Len Gwinn, WA6KLK for putting this together once again.

Several topics were presented:

  • Brian, K6FTY, was not able to make it due to a last minute hydroelectric power plant obligation, but Len described Brian’s radio setup, and his success at getting a signal out from the remote mountainous terrain of Trinity County. We’re hoping Brian will be able to attend the next meeting.
  • Bill Hillendahl, KH6GJV, the San Francisco ARRL Section Manager, gave us an update on news and related topics. This included the status on legal cases involving topics like neighborhood CCRs being challenged for exterior antennas, tower configurations, and even describing a “ride along” with the FCC for hunting down an “open mic” signal on a Northern California repeater.
  • Tim, WB9NJS, made a very interesting presentation about mountain signal propagation and showed maps of signal paths and elevation profiles between various stations he has contacted. This all came about when he got his new VHF Yagi operational and discovered that the direct path to other stations wasn’t always the best. Propagation was often made possible along non-line-of-site paths by knife edge diffraction and reflections over and between mountain peaks. (We’re hoping to add a short article about it to MendoRadio soon.)
  • WARS officers were elected for 2011. Jim Cline, W6JRC, stepped up as the next CEO, and many thanks again to Len Gwinn for revitalizing and reorganizing WARS over the last couple years. The meetings/seminars, pizza gatherings, St. Patrick’s day lunch, and picnics have been appreciated by all of us Mendocino hams.

Resuming the MendoRadio blog

It’s been a busy 2011. I’ve taken a year off from the ham radio hobby to attend to other matters. Sorry about that. I know the Mendocino and Lake ham communities enjoy having an up-to-date site for current information, local activities, projects, meetings, ideas, etc. So, it’s time to resume MendoRadio. I’ll set aside some time on weekends, and it really doesn’t take that much to keep it updated.

I want to remind everyone that this is a joint effort of several hams, and you’re all invited to join us. If you would like to make announcements, write a short article on a relevant topic, post some notes about your antenna/radio/contacts, provide links to interesting amateur radio websites, and generally participate on-line, then we welcome your participation!

Also, if you run one of the local ham clubs (or represent them in some way) feel free to post related notices on this website.

How to post to this site:  It’s as easy as typing into most text editors. You don’t need to know anything about HTML. Create a WordPress account (see the right column), then contact us or post a message here, and we can add you as a contributor. If you’re posting often and want more capabilities, just let us know and we can upgrade your account to “author” status. That will let you directly post new articles and edit existing articles.

73, -Carl KB6ZST


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