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Local Radio Clubs

  • McARCS – Mendocino Amateur Radio – Ukiah, CA
  • WARS – Willits Amateur Radio Society – Willits, CA
  • ABARC – Anchor Bay Amateur Radio Club – Gualala, CA
  • HARC – Humboldt Amateur Radio Club – Eureka, CA
  • SHARC – Southern Humboldt Amateur Radio Club – Redway, CA
  • SCRA – Sonoma County Radio Amateurs – Santa Rosa, CA
  • VOMARC – Valley of the Moon Amateur Radio Club – Sonoma, CA
  • Know of others local clubs? Please add a comment to tell us about them.

Technology Links

Operational Links

General References

How to Add Links?

Post your link as a comment on this page and we’ll add it. Note that we’re trying to focus on technically-related links, or local groups/hams, more than general ham websites. That’s why we don’t list ARRL, etc. We figure most hams know those already or can find them on Google easily.

  1. Jim
    2012/12/20 at 2:42 PM

    Club to add to your Local Radio Clubs list:
    Redwood Empire DX Association – Petaluma

    Jim Selmi
    Redwood Empire DX Association

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